Apostle Javier Bertucci

 Pastor Javier Bertucci was born in the city of Guanare - Venezuela, on November 16, 1969, his life is impacted with an experience with God at age 21, since then he perseveres and begins to serve God passionately by preaching in plazas, parks and houses.

Pastor Javier Bertucci is founder of the Christian Church of Revival Maranatha Valencia and Apostolic Director of the Maranatha Churches in Venezuela. He is a brave and courageous man who does not retreat before anything, with a preaching that often confronts and bothers, but produces changes. His ministry is characterized by manifestations of power, miracles, healings and a word that awakens the spirit of the brave who are willing to be an active part of the greatest event occurred in this "Revival" nation.

The integrity and vision of this servant of the Lord has made him one of the most influential pastors of Venezuela, with its own temple with capacity for 6,000 people, with national and international television programs that transmit the meetings and messages of the church , and do today for our borders to be transferred to bless other nations of Latin America.